September 2018 Minutes


MINUTES of the Meeting held at The Church Hall, Main Road, Leverton on Monday, 24th September 2018.

D Durrant in the Chair

Present:- Councillors: Mrs J Moore, Mr N White, Mr N Chandler

Cllr Peter Bedford, Boston Borough Council, Cllr Paul Skinner, Lincolnshire County Council

Apologies: Mrs J Self, Mr D Horwat


No members of the public present and no items for the open forum.


The clerk presented a list of recorded incidents provided by PCSO Kym Rayment, who was unable to attend the meeting, as below:

3 incidents of anti-social behaviour, 2 road traffic collisions, 1 domestic, 2 concerns for safety, 1 transport hazard and 1 suspicious circumstance.

It was discussed and agreed that a list of incidents without location was pointless and not entirely informative. Whilst the council did not expect full address details it would appreciate notification of the area of the offence/incident as has previously been reported in past meetings. It was agreed that the clerk draft a letter to the Chief Constable and the Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner for the approval of the Chairman.


Mrs J Self and Mr Horwat


There were no declarations of interest.


The minutes of the Meeting held on 23rd July 2018 were agreed as presented and signed by the Chairman as a true record of the meeting.

6.0 Matters arising:

6.1 Play Park

The clerk presented the playpark inspection report and it was agreed that although there were a few issues to address, none were of an urgent matter.

6.2 Poor Condition of Parish Roads

Mrs Moore confirmed that various parts of the parish roads had been repaired over the summer. Cllr Skinner confirmed that the Highways Department did have 5 hot boxes now enabling them to address issues in a timely manner.

6.3 Leverton Toilet facilities.

It was confirmed that Mr Cunningham had retracted his interest in developing the toilet facilities and Cllr Peter Bedford confirmed that Boston Borough Council were currently seeking quotes for the demolition of the building. Mr White asked if it was known if the sewerage provision was shared between the village hall and the toilet facilities and Mrs Moore stated she would ask the question.

6.4 Vermin Issue Around The Waste Bins In The Layby

The Chairman confirmed that there appeared to be a significant decrease in the sightings of vermin around the area of the bins however this matter would continue to be monitored. The Chairman did however point out that he had monitored the emptying of the bins over a period of 7 weeks since they had been installed and that it had only been achieved for the allocated 3 days per week on 2 of these weeks. Cllr Bedford confirmed he would chase this up.

6.5 War Memorial Upkeep

Mrs Moore confirmed that she had been weeding at the War Memorial and had noted that the bushes and hedges needed cutting. She also said that the pathways could benefit from additional gravel as it was now reducing down to soil and could it be considered to put some weed suppressant membrance down with some bark chippings around the base of the trees and bushes. The Chairman confirmed that something would be arranged for the coming week to review this.

6.6 Lay-by Benches.

Cllr Bedford confirmed that Boston Borough Council had originally donated the benches however they were not responsible for the upkeep. It was agreed to accept Judy Welborn’s offer to repair the benches and Mrs Moore would speak to her about it.


There were no payments for approval.


A poster from the Royal Mail in respect of scam mail was presented to be placed on the notice board.

A letter from Witham Fourth Drainage Board was discussed in relation to the raising of the sea bank and the restriction of pedestrians and cattle due to the grass seeding on the bank at the pumping station and was presented to Mrs Moore after the meeting for display on the notice board.


Mrs Moore asked if the council wished for Anne Blyth to tidy the layby dyke which was unanimously agreed to.

Mrs Moore asked if the issue of the gate which had been placed at the bottom of the hill at Leverton Pumping Station access and the height of the accompanying styles could be addressed as she had received a few phone calls from residents complaining that they were no longer able to drive up and sit to look out over the marsh. Cllr Bedford confirmed that he would take a look and would be seeing Peter Bateson from Witham 
Fourth Drainage Board and the representative from the E A Main Board and would ask how long it would be in place.


The date of the next meeting was agreed as Monday 22nd October 2018 at The Church Hall, Main Road, Leverton commencing at 7.00pm.