Charity Information

The Leverton Poor’s Land Trust was formed in 1871, registration number 216724 in the Parish of Leverton. The constitution of the Poor’s Land Trust allows for the assistance to be made to the most deserving and necessitous inhabitants of the Parish of Leverton, to be selected for this purpose by Trustees. Applicants who meet this criterion are invited to write to the Secretary before 30th September and apply for assistance. Consideration is normally given to applicants in November of each year by the Trustees and payment made prior to Christmas.

TRUSTEES -The trustees at 31 December 2019 are as follows:

Reverend Andrew Higginson Mr Stephen Fletcher Mrs Jane Moore Mr Norman Wright Mr Neil Wright Mr Roger Wright Mr Scott Francis

ASSETS - The charity owns approximately 55.5 acres of land within the Parish of Leverton.

20.5 acres are let as allotments the remaining land is let to individual tenants. Rent on all the land is payable half yearly. The Poor’s Land Trust also owns the Leverton Playing Field.

SECRETARY - The Secretary is: Mrs Carol Anderton Honey Lodge Sea End Benington Lincs PE22 0DN Tel: 07913002864 (office hrs only) Email: