February 2020 Minutes


                                                             MONDAY 10th FEBRUARY 2020


Present:               Cllr D Durrant – Chairman

                             Cllrs: Mrs J Self-Shutts, Mr D Horwat, Mr N White,  Mr N Chandler, Mrs J Welborn (and Borough)

                             Mrs C Anderton – Clerk of the Council


Absent:                 Cllr J Moore


Also Present:     Mr P Bedford, Boston Borough Council


Public Forum

There were no members of the public in attendance for the open forum.


20/13     Chairman’s Comments

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.


20/14     Apologies

The Parish Clerk advised that apologies for absence (with acceptable reasons) had been received from Cllr J Moore.

It was proposed, seconded and

RESOLVED:  that the Council note the absences of Cllr J Moore and approve the reasons given.


20/15     Police Matters

The following incidents were reported to the Clerk in the absence of PCSO Kym Rayment:

1 x incident of hare coursing – Ings Lane

1 x traffic offence – Ings Lane

1 x Incident of violence – Lacey’s Avenue


20/16     To receive any declarations of interest in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 – being any pecuniary or non-pecuniary interests on agenda items not previously recorded on Members Register of Interests.

There were no declarations received.


20/17     Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting

It was proposed, seconded and

RESOLVED: that the notes of the meeting held 13th January 2020 be approved as a correct record of the meeting and be signed by the Chairman

20/18     Clerk’s report




Action Taken





Clerk to contact Chris Chandler re: footpath on A52 overgrown from opposite the shop to the church.

Email sent to Chris Chandler asking if this needs to be reported again as a job was raised and actioned on FixMyStreet with reference 357458 in November 2019.






Clerk to contact T H Clements regarding dyke opposite pull in on Main A52

Spoke to Neil Sharpe who will look into the dyke issue





20/19     Reports from Lincolnshire County Council/Boston Borough Council

There were no matters to discuss


20/20     Finance

It was proposed, seconded and

RESOLVED: to accept the payments as per the payment sheet 2020/02. Details below:

10/02/2020         LALC           £ 120.00      Annual Training Scheme

10/02/2020         LALC            £    3.99     Good Councillor Guide

10/02/2020         Staff Costs   £ 344.19     Salary, expenses & HMRC

Members were given a report from the RFO which updated all members present on the current financial situation. The bank account balance as at close of business on 31st January 2020 was £27,947.07 with BACS payments of £602.70 due to be made after approval at the meeting. The VAT reclaim would now be submitted.


20/21     Correspondence received for information only

  1. Community Lincs News and Updates Bulletin – a copy was provided at the meeting
  2. The Rural Bulletin – a copy was provided at the meeting


20/22     Emergency Plan

The clerk confirmed that Mr Steve Eason-Harris would be attending the next Parish Council meeting on Monday 9th March 2020 at 7pm and would be presenting a tabletop exercise regarding the emergency kit.


20/23     Reports for Various Bodies/Other Members

Mr White confirmed that he had spoken with Dales Sports and the clerk confirmed she had received a quote for the cost to replace the whole of the football pitch area. The quote contained 2 options which were both in excess of £27,000 and it was agreed to try and obtain a further quote from Vere Bros and discuss the matter further once this had been received. The clerk confirmed she had received details of the cost of the Dog Fouling signs from Cllr Bedford and it was proposed, seconded and

RESOLVED: that 20 signs be ordered.


The Chairman stated that the dyke adjacent to the Main A52 still had not been cleared by and the clerk confirmed she would contact Neil Sharpe at T H Clements again. The Chairman also stated that the lay-by bins were not being emptied as per the schedule, the liners were not being replaced correctly and the bins were not being secured satisfactorily to their fixings. Cllr Bedford confirmed that he would address this again with the relevant department and the clerk confirmed she would email Christian Allen, Head of Environmental Services to highlight the problem.

The Chairman confirmed that the Boston Marathon would be taking place on 19th April 2020 and part of the course would run through the parish of Leverton.


20/12     Date and Time of the next Parish Council Meeting

The next Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Monday 9th March 2020 beginning at 6.30pm. There being no further business to discuss, the Chairman thanked those in attendance and declared the meeting closed at 8.05 pm.



Signed   __Chairman___                                                                      Dated   9th March 2020