Annual Parish Meeting Minutes May 2021 Draft Copy


                                                             MONDAY 10th MAY 2021


Present:               Cllr D Durrant – Leverton Parish Council Chairman

                Mrs C Anderton – Clerk of the Council


Also Present:   

                             Cllrs: Mr D Horwat, Mrs J Self-Shutts, Mr N White

  Cllr P Bedford, Boston Borough Council and Cllr P Skinner, Lincolnshire County Council

One member of the public was present.



Apologies were received from Cllr J Self-Shutts

Chairman’s Annual Report

2020-2021 has been a very different and challenging year for the Parish Council, with two lockdowns hindering meetings being held in person, to having to socially distance and wear masks in the village hall when meetings did take place. It has also suffered the loss of a most capable and longstanding member, that being Mrs Jane Moore and has received further resignations during the year. During these difficult times the Parish Council have continued in the challenge of the upkeep of the the Playing Fields with the inspection due to be arranged for June/July, we also remain vigilant in the reporting of potholes and road failings to the Highways Department at Lincolnshire County Council via FixMyStreet, fly tipping in the parish via Flyswat and we are currently meeting the ongoing responsibility of the lay-by grass cutting with Malc Firth Landscapes. There have also been further improvements made along the sea bank footpaths with the installation of steps adjacent to the roadways making them more accessible and the fencing of the badger sets ensuring the safety of walkers. Leverton Parish Council are looking forward to being able to put the challenges, which Covid has brought, to rest and move forward positively in 2021-22. Finally, I would like to thank all the Parish Councillors and Clerk for the assistance they have given over the last twelve months and thanks also to Councillor Peter Bedford and Councillor Paul Skinner for their continued support.

Leverton Church of England Educational Charity Annual Report

Annual Report from Leverton Church of England Educational Charity for Leverton Parish Councillors Despite Covid-19 the charity’s investments performed far better than it could have hoped for and it was agreed to proceed with the annual grant distributions. Although some of the usual channels for advertising were not available there was still a good response and awards totalling £9,400 were distributed to 30 applicants.

Poors Land Trust Annual Report

There have been three meetings held over the last twelve months, those being June 2020, November 2020 and March 2021.

It was again not possible to inspect the allotments due to the inclement weather but the reports from S Fletcher and R Wright indicated that there was nothing to be concerned with.

In November the list of beneficiaries was discussed however there were no further additions or removals and the 32 listed beneficiaries all received a share of the distribution at £100.00 each.

The closing balance on the accounts stood at £9052.52.

It was discussed and agreed that in recognition of the dedication which had been given to the community of Leverton, the playing fields would be named after Mrs Jane Moore.

Simon Clark Charity Annual Report

The Simon Clarke Charity held three meetings during the last year all preceded by the Leverton Poor’s Land Trust.

In the June meeting it was agreed that the distribution payments of £60.00 each were made to two beneficiaries.

In the November meeting it was agreed that the 2nd distribution payments of £60.00 were again made to the two beneficiaries.

At the March meeting the clerk presented the accounts which stood at £499.09.

Boston Borough Council annual report

It has been a very difficult year for meetings most have been on line which I personally hate but we have got through them , The Central government funding for Boston during the pandemic has been very good, Injection process at Boston has been first class, largest problem to most people at the minute is fly tipping but we have a Sub Group now working on this. Joining up with East Lindsey remains to be seen as a good or bad move early days. Most interesting thing will be the Census Figures to see what our area population really is.

Lincolnshire County Council Annual Report

Our response to the Covid issues has been a credit to all those involved. Our roads have areas which need addressing but I do feel the Council does need to get a bit more innovative and try some of the new machinery for pot hole repairs, verge repairs and surface impairments and highlight the trials and innovation work to our residents. Maybe even make better use of our verges as wildlife corridors. Going forward our economy is vital, creating good employment for all ages but ensuring our children and those starting out on their career paths have great opportunities for employment or starting out on their own. In Lincolnshire we do have some exceptional industries, from agricultural to food, engineering both on and off shore, tourism and leisure and all those other vital sectors which support and lead their own fields. Finally we have over the last year, have had to adapt to new ways of working especially in adult services, health and the NHS and children services, some good and some hopefully we have soon see the back of them. We do need to capitalise on the good and innovative ways to bring about efficiencies and a more joined up approach to these valuable services which really do support and bring benefits of great services to our residents!

To receive comments from the public on any relevant local issues

There were no comments presented to the meeting.


The Chairman thanked all those in attendance and the meeting closed at 7.20pm.