November 2021 Minutes



Cllr D Durrant – Chairman, Cllrs: Mr D Horwat, Mrs J Self-Shutts, Mrs F Osborne

Also Present:    Mrs C Anderton – Clerk of the Council

Public Forum

There were no members of the public present.

21/77   Apologies

The clerk received apologies from Mr N White which were accepted by the Council. Cllr P Skinner and Cllr P Bedford also sent their apologies.

21/78 To receive any declarations of interest in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 

There were no declarations received.

21/79 Councillor Co-option

The Chairman reported that he had received an enquiry from Mr Nigel Chandler in respect of re-joining the Council by co-option. Mr Chandler had been invited to attend the meeting however, he was unable to attend due to having contracted Covid and was in isolation. The members of the Council discussed his request and were happy for the forms to be sent to Co-opt Mr Chandler at the next meeting.

21/80   Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting

It was proposed and accepted that the notes of the meeting held 18 October 2021 be approved as a correct record of the meeting and be signed by the Chairman.

21/81   Reports from Lincolnshire County Council/Boston Borough Council

None received due to non attendance.

21/82  Issues relating to the Playing Fields, Potholes and the Environment of the Parish

Potholes: The clerk reported that she had received a telephone call from Mr Ian Mickleborough from the Highways department at Lincolnshire County Council asking for contact to discuss issues in Leverton. The clerk asked if the Chairman wished for his details to be passed on as he had dealt with this matter historically. The Chairman agreed.  

Playing Fields: Mr Horwat reported that the rubber steps had now been replaced on the play equipment. Mr Horwat confirmed that Mr White and he had discussed chain harrowing of the field in the spring. The Chairman asked on the progress of the renaming of the Playing Fields. The clerk confirmed she would speak with the Poor’s Land Trustees at their next meeting in February.

21/83  Councillor Grant Scheme

The clerk confirmed that the grant had now been approved. It was agreed that the clerk should contact Cllr Paul Skinner for details of the Community Service Scheme who were looking for projects to complete. It was also agreed that a new Church Hall sign would be sourced. 

21/84   Finance

a)   It was proposed and agreed to accept the payments as per the payment sheet 11/2021 details below:

Staff costs



Malc Firth

Grass Cutting (Lay-by)


R N Moore

Footpath Clearing


21/85   Matters for discussion only or to be added to the next agenda.

The clerk confirmed that the Precept would be discussed at the next meeting and invited any suggestions regarding the issuing/advertising of grants to the local community groups. It was also discussed to look into the provision of a Christmas Tree and a carol singing event at the Leverton lay-by for December 2022. It was suggested that a live tree could be sourced if permissions were granted by Lincolnshire County Council for the planting of the tree.

21/86   Date and Time of the next Parish Council Meeting

The next Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Monday 20 December 2021 beginning at 7.00pm. There being no further business to discuss, the Chairman thanked those in attendance and declared the meeting closed at 8.10 pm.