February 2019 Minutes


MINUTES of the Meeting held at The Church Hall, Main Road, Leverton on Monday, 25th February 2019.

D Durrant in the Chair

Present:- Councillors: Mrs J Moore (Vice Chairman), Mrs J Self, Mr N White, Mr N Chandler,

Cllr P Bedford, Boston Borough Council, PC J Thornton, Community Beat Manager for Boston Rural Teams and the PCSO representative from Kirton, Boston

Parish Clerk: Mrs Carol Anderton

Apologies: Mr D Horwat


There were no members of the public present and no items for the open forum.


The Chairman presented a list of recorded incidents provided by PCSO Kym Rayment, who was unable to attend the meeting, as below:

1 road traffic collision – Main A52

2 suspicious circumstances Sheepgate and West End Road

PC J Thornton, Community Beat Manager for Boston Rural Teams and the PCSO representative from Kirton attended the meeting to introduce themselves.

PC Thornton stated that the parish of Leverton did not appear to report many incidents. The Chairman and Mrs Moore confirmed that residents were more likely to discuss issues with the parish councillors. PC Thornton encouraged the councillors to advise residents to contact 101 if they see anything untoward and also advised to put an article in the local parish magazine encouraging this.

The problem of the undesirable activities that have been occurring around the lay-by was discussed and PC Thornton confirmed that he would encourage patrol cars in or passing the area at any time to check along the lay-by.

PC Thornton and the PCSO then left the meeting.


Mr D Horwat


There were no declarations of interest.


The minutes of the Meeting held on 21st January 2019 were agreed as presented and signed by

the Chairman as a true record of the meeting.

6.0 Matters arising:

6.1 Play Park

The Chairman stated that Mrs Durrant had pruned the trees in the orchard and thanks were sent on behalf of Leverton Parish Council.

6.2 Poor Condition of Parish Roads

It was reported that although some works had been completed on Highgate adjacent to Dao Cottage this work was unsatisfactory as the road still flooded and was rough. The Chairman confirmed he will speak to Mr C Chandler on the annual inspection in the near future. Mrs Moore stated that there was a general deterioration of the roads around the parish.

6.3 Leverton Toilet facilities.

The toilet facilities have now been demolished and the area has been levelled with soil. It was unclear if the area had been grass seeded and the clerk confirmed she would contact Vere Bros to clarify this. The scrub area behind the Village Hall was discussed and it was agreed for the clerk to contact A P Blythe for a quote to clear some of the area.

6.4 Vermin Issue Around The Waste Bins In The Layby

The Chairman confirmed that he had not seen any vermin in the area and the refuse collection appeared to be going to schedule. The only issue was on a few occasions the unsatisfactory securing of the bin at the Café end of the layby. Cllr Bedford confirmed he would contact the relevant department and raise this.

6.5 Standing Water at Lay-By Bus Stop

There were no further issues to report at present due to the recent dry spell of weather.


The Emergency Plan draft had now been forwarded to Steve Harris for finalisation.


The Clerk requested the following payments be approved:

S D Moore (Lawn mower service) £ 170.64 (Chq)

C A Anderton & HMRC (Clerk Salary/Tax deduction) £ 250.00 (BACS)


10.1 Lincolnshire CC - Traffic Regulation Orders:

Notification from Boston Borough council that a TRO can be requested by contacting the local Town or Parish Council with a TRO request which will then be assessed by local Highways teams and the outcome will be notified through the local county councillor.

10.2 Lincolnshire CC – Temporary Road Closure

Reason for Closure: Essential maintenance works by Anglian Water/Clancy Docwra

Location: Spicers Lane (Between Outgate and a point 125 metres south West)

Period of Closure: 26/03/2019 to 28/03/2019

10.3 Lincolnshire CC – Reporting Highways Issues

All highways issues should be reported via www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/faultreporting which is available 24/7. Alternatively you can call 0522 782070 or email cshighways@lincolnshire.go.uk or contact your local county councillor.

10.4 Boston Borough Council - Parish Council Nomination Packs

Nomination packs for the elections on May 2nd 2019 are to be sent out for distribution from March 4th 2019 onwards for those seeking re-election or anyone else who may request a pack.


Mrs Moore confirmed the subsidence at the Leisure Centre should be covered by the insurance company however the cracks in the hall floor were not due to subsidence therefore were not covered. The insurers had advised that some of the trees needed removing and soil was to be assessed in due course.

Mrs Self raised the issue of coastal access along the marsh and it was stated that some residents at Wrangle had also complained about the badly designed styles. Cllr Bedford confirmed that the Environment Agency will be replacing them with kissing gates at the end of the restriction period.


The date of the next meeting had been previously agreed as Monday 25th March 2019 at The Church Hall, Main Road, Leverton commencing at 7.00pm. The subsequent 2 meetings were agreed as Monday 29th April 2019 and Monday 20th May 2019.

There being no further business the Chairman thanked those in attendance and closed the meeting at 8.05 pm.