July 2019 Minutes


MINUTES of the Meeting held at The Church Hall, Main Road, Leverton on Monday, 22nd July 2019.

Mr D Durrant in the Chair

Present:- Councillors: Mrs J Moore (Vice Chairman), Mr N White, Mr N Chandler,

Mr D Horwat, Mr Malcolm Sands, Cllr P Bedford, Boston Borough Council,

Parish Clerk: Mrs Carol Anderton

Apologies: Mrs J Self-Shutts, Cllr J Welborn, Boston Borough Council


There were no members of the public present for the open forum


PCSO Kym Rayment had sent a list of incidents as below to the clerk:

2 road traffic collisions – Main A52

1 suspicious circumstance – Outgate

2 concerns for safety - 1 x Main A52 & 1 x Outgate

2 incidents of violence – Outgate and the Main A52

3 traffic offences – 2 x Laceys Avenue and the Main A52


Mrs J Self-Shutts, Mrs J Welborn, Boston Borough Councillor



There were no declarations of interest.


The minutes of the Meeting held on 24th June 2019 were agreed as presented and signed by the Chairman as a true record of the meeting.

6.0 Matters arising:

6.1 Speeding issue at Ashtree Cottage Corner on Main A52

The clerk confirmed that she had received the report from John Wise at Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership. The report confirmed that the recording equipment had been located outside the Fire Station for a period of seven days commencing on 7th June. The collated data recorded an average speed of 27.9 mph with the 85th percentile speed of 33.4 mph (The 85th percentile speed is defined as: the speed at or below which 85 percent of all vehicles are observed to travel under free-flowing conditions past a monitored point.) the conclusion of the report was as follows:-

This section of road does meet the criteria for camera speed enforcement and the Partnership does have an active fixed speed camera to the North of where this this survey was located and as a matter of course there are periodic speed survey reviews at this location. This would not allow additional speed camera activity at this location.

The recommendation was that the Community Speed Watch signage could be refreshed and additional CSW measures could be considered.

It was agreed that this report could be forwarded on to Mrs Christine Tyrell for her information.

6.2 Play Park

The clerk confirmed that she had received the inspection report which had been passed to Mr Horwat. It was noted that there were one or two items to monitor however there was nothing immediate to attend to. Mr Horwat stated that some boards had been damaged and requested replacement wood and stakes be obtained.

The clerk confirmed she would arrange for them to be delivered for Mr Horwat the following week.

6.3 Poor Condition of Parish Roads

The Chairman reported he had spoken with Mr Chris Chandler regarding the drainage issues at the Sheepgate to Highgate junction. It appears that there may be some major works required under the road and into the ditch on Highgate to relieve the issue of surface water drainage however there was no definite timescale for this to be completed. Mr N Chandler reported that he had seen a member of the Highways department taking some photos of the drains/soak away gullies in the lay-by opposite Come Bye.

6.4 Leverton Emergency Plan

There was nothing further to report as the clerk was still awaiting confirmation that the draft document had been approved. She confirmed that she would call Steve Harris at Lincolnshire County Council for an update.

6.5 Leverton Leisure Centre Subsidence

Nothing further to report at this time

6.6 Email from North Holland Young Farmers

Mr Horwat reported that he had spoken to Hannah Benson the club secretary and had requested an urban bundle which consisted of 15 saplings. An application had been submitted on behalf of Leverton Parish Council and he was waiting for approval confirmation. Mr Horwat asked if it was possible to obtain a digger to provide a trench to give the saplings a good base for planting, this was discussed and Mrs Moore suggested that she could ask at Town & Country if they would be willing to provide a machine for the benefit of the village. The Chairman suggested that the council await confirmation of approval for the saplings before making any concrete decisions.


The Clerk requested the following payments be approved:

D Horwat Petrol for mower 4.01 (BACS)
C A Anderton & HMRC Salary/Tax deduction 300.00 (BACS)
Malc Firth Groundworks x 2 246.00 (BACS)
A P Blyth Dyke flailing 126.00 (Chq 000577)

The above payments were approved by the Parish Council.


8.1 Parish Council Newsletter

8.2 Lincolnshire County Council

RE: Mobile Library Service

Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) is currently in the process of renewing arrangements for provision of vehicles to be used within the Mobile Library Service and I wanted to make you aware of the alterations that this entails.

The authority's three large mobile libraries are coming to the end of their lease agreement with LCC and need to be replaced. The current lease provider is unable to provide a like for like replacement and so the larger vehicles will cease operation.

In future, the council will be using smaller, more environmentally-friendly vans to serve the current stops across Lincolnshire. Not only are the new and improved vehicles cleaner and greener, but they are also more practical for our narrow, rural lanes, which can be challenging for the larger mobiles.

The service will be selecting the books held in each vehicle so that they match the interests of customers along that particular route. People can also make sure they get the ones they're after by reserving them in advance, either online or by speaking to staff during their stop.

There is no intention to move the stops that are served, however Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL), the providers of the service, may need to review the days or times of the stops, to meet regulations regarding mileage. Any amendments will be communicated to you in due course.

8.3 Lincolnshire County Council

Temporary Road Closure: Leverton Lucasgate at the junction with Outgate

Essential maintenance works by TLF Utilities

Period of closure: 09:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs 15/08/19

8.4 Email from Mr E Long regarding state of churchyard.

I wonder if you could be of assistance to my wife's family.

Today we visited the church and were concerned at the state and appearance of approx 5/6 graves. It appears some recent grass cutting had been completed, but not to a group to the East under a tree/s. They included the family names of Faulkner and Young along with others (the names of which escape me).

A gentleman was strimming in the cemetery, but when asked, did not intend to do anything to these graves.

My mother in law was quite upset at this turn of events and hence my contacting you for assistance. There are no contact details anywhere for me to approach the Church direct to discuss our concerns and therefore seek your assistance in being able to do so.

If you are able to ping this email on to a contact who we can discuss this matter with, please do so. But primarily could you advise me of someone I can approach on this matter direct. (Mrs Moore offered to look into this matter on behalf of the parish council)


There were no items for the benefit of the parish


The date of the next meeting was agreed for Monday 16th September 2019 at The Church Hall, Main Road,

Leverton commencing at 7.00pm. Further meetings were agreed for Monday 21st October 2019, Monday 18th

November 2019 and Monday 16th December 2019.

There being no further business the Chairman thanked those in attendance and closed the meeting at 7.50pm.