April 2019 Minutes


MINUTES of the Meeting held at The Church Hall, Main Road, Leverton on Monday, 29th April 2019.

Mr D Durrant in the Chair

Present:- Councillors: Mrs J Moore (Vice Chairman), Mrs J Self-Shutts, Mr N White, Mr N Chandler,

Mr D Horwat, Cllr P Bedford, Boston Borough Council, Cllr P Skinner, Lincolnshire County Council

Parish Clerk: Mrs Carol Anderton

PCSO Officer: Kym Rayment

Members of the Public: Mrs S Bell, Mr C Tyrell, Mrs J Tyrrell

Apologies: None


There were three members of the public present, Mrs Sue Bell representing the Conservative party in the upcoming local elections and Mr and Mrs Tyrrell who had attended the meeting to speak to the Parish Council in respect of introducing traffic calming measures on the main A52 approach into the village from Benington. Mrs Tyrrell stated that she had arranged a petition and had left a copy at the Premier store and the Leisure Centre. Various measures were discussed including the provision of average speed cameras, chicane possibilities, road narrowing and a crash barrier along the kerbside of the carriageway. PCSO Kym Rayment, Mr P Skinner and various members of the council suggested Mr & Mrs Tyrrell contact the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership who would liaise with them in collating data which may be used to enable the mobile speed enforcement vehicle to be deployed in the area.


PCSO Kym Rayment attended the meeting and presented a list of incidents as below:

Road Traffic Collision – Main A52

1 incident of criminal damage – Main A52

PCSO Rayment then left the meeting.




There were no declarations of interest.


The minutes of the Meeting held on 25th March 2019 were agreed as presented and signed by the Chairman as a true record of the meeting.

6.0 Matters arising:

6.1 Play Park

Mr Horwat confirmed that he had undertaken a check on the current state of the playpark and had noted that the wooden play equipment was due for painting and a replacement plank of wood was required. Mr Horwat also stated that there had been several youths around the playpark entrance on mopeds and he was concerned as it had been necessary to speak to a youth who was on the playpark grass also with a moped. It was agreed that the clerk would obtain the necessary wood preservative, plank of wood and a ‘NO MOTOR VEHICLES’ sign to be displayed at the entrance. It was also agreed that the clerk would contact Wicksteed to arrange the annual playpark inspection. Mr Horwat also asked if Mrs Durrant could attend to the weed spraying at her earliest convenience.

6.2 Poor Condition of Parish Roads

It had been noted by the Chairman and Mrs Moore that patching had been completed in various places within the parish. The Chairman also confirmed that an appointment had been arranged for Thursday 2nd May for the parish road inspection with Mr Chris Chandler of LCC Highways and Mrs Moore confirmed that there were still issues with potholes on Oldfield Lane and Laceys Lane and the road was collapsing on Sharpes Lane adjacent to the Dales workshops.

6.3 Vermin Issue Around The Waste Bins In The Layby

The Chairman confirmed that he had not seen any vermin in the area and there had been an improvement in the collection of refuse from the lay-by bins.

6.4 Leverton Emergency Plan

There was nothing further to report as the clerk was still awaiting confirmation that the draft document had been approved.

6.5 Leverton Leisure Centre Subsidence

Mrs Moore confirmed that there was nothing further to report at this time.


The Clerk requested the following payments be approved:

D Horwat Petrol for mower 14.22 (BACS)
C A Anderton & HMRC Clerk Salary/Tax deduction 250.00 (BACS)
Zurich Insurance Liability Insurance 904.44 (BACS)
Leverton Poors Land Trust Playing Field Rent 43.75 (Chq 000575)
LALC Annual Subscription 220.83 (BACS 05/04/19)


8.1 Notification of Consultation for RAF Airspace Change Proposal Engagement

A letter from planning@boston.gov.uk notifying of a consultation regarding options for a new base station and training airspace for the Red Arrows for when RAF Scampton closed in 2022.

8.2 Temporary Traffic Restriction #

Notification from roadclosures@lincolnshire.gov.uk of a temporary road closure at Leverton Highgate/Leverton Outgate for essential maintenance works to be carried out by Western Power Distribution. The location of the closure is between Moat Lane and Market Lane, the period of closure is 21/05/2019 to 07/06/2019

8.3 LALC News – Extra Spending Budget Article

"Lincolnshire County Council’s Executive Member Councillor Davies appreciated the feedback received from the Parish Councils over the last year. As a result, this year, the county council has agreed to invest just over £1m extra in improving the highways service. This will help us address many of the issues raised by parish councils in the past year. With this additional investment, we have brought in four extra pothole teams. In addition, we will introduce an extra grass cut and weed spray, and all highway gullies will be cleaned at least once a year. These measures will help better maintain the local environment, improving highway safety.’

8.4 Parish Council Newsletter March 2019


Mrs Moore asked if there was a specific plan for Lincolnshire County Council gully clearing as there were a number of gullies that had not been cleared in the parish. It was suggested that the gullies in question may not be designated as such and therefore are not specified for clearance.

Mrs Moore suggested that the area behind the Village Hall which had recently been cleared may benefit from sowing of some grass seed to avoid being overrun with weeds.

The issue of the poor road between Dao Cottage and the council housing on Highgate had been reported directly to Mr N Chandler and the Chairman confirmed that he would raise this with Chris Chandler during the arranged inspection.


The date of the next meeting had been previously agreed as Monday 20th May 2019 at The Church Hall, Main Road, Leverton commencing at 7.00pm.

There being no further business the Chairman thanked those in attendance and closed the meeting at 8.20pm.