June 2019 Minutes


MINUTES of the Meeting held at The Church Hall, Main Road, Leverton on Monday, 24th June 2019.

Mr D Durrant in the Chair

Present:- Councillors: Mrs J Moore (Vice Chairman), Mrs J Self-Shutts, Mr N White,

Mr D Horwat, Mr Malcolm Sands, Cllr P Bedford, Boston Borough Council, Cllr J Welborn, Boston Borough Council.

Parish Clerk: Mrs Carol Anderton

Members of the Public: Mrs J Bland

Apologies: Mr N Chandler


Cllr Welborn proposed to purchase a bench for the bus shelter at the end of Laceys Lane out of the funds she has raised with the coffee mornings and bingo sessions she had held. Cllr Bedford confirmed that the shelter was the responsibility of Boston BC not the parish. Cllr Welborn also stated that she had attended a meeting at St Helenas church where she had been made aware of the rotting floor and asked if there were any volunteers to help with repairing it.

Mrs Bland attended the meeting to ask if it was possible to display some memorabilia of her father somewhere prominent in the village as he was well known locally. It was suggested that Leverton Leisure Centre could possibly be suitable. Mrs Bland also asked if it was possible to reduce the height of the poplar trees on Laceys Drive and had received an offer from a contractor to do this free of charge. It was confirmed that it would be necessary to contact Lincs CC as the trees were their responsibility. Mrs Bland also enquired if the white leaners which had been knocked down at the crossroads on Ings Lane could be put back.

The clerk advised she would contact Lincs CC Highways department to enquire.


PCSO Kym Rayment had sent a list of incidents as below to the clerk:

1 Suspicious Circumstance – Main A52

1 Traffic Offence – Main A52


Mr N Chandler


There were no declarations of interest.


The minutes of the Meeting held on 20th May 2019 were agreed as presented and signed by the Chairman as a true record of the meeting.

6.0 Matters arising:

6.1 Speeding issue at Ashtree Cottage Corner on Main A52

The clerk confirmed that she had received confirmation from the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership team that a survey of the area had been completed and a review of the collisions and fatalities had taken place. As a result of this, a covert camera had been placed in the area for seven days to monitor the speed of vehicles passing through the village. The results of this would be reviewed and the resulting action would be reported to the clerk in due course.

6.2 Play Park

The clerk confirmed that the inspection had been completed on Thursday 20th May and she was awaiting the inspection report. Mr Horwat confirmed that a plank had been removed on the rope bridge however this had now been put back in place.

6.3 Poor Condition of Parish Roads

There was nothing further to report on the condition of the parish roads however Mrs Moore stated that Sheepgate had suffered during the recent bad weather and asked if the gullies needed cleaning in the pull in opposite Come Bye and at Town and County. The Chairman confirmed that Mr C Chandler, Highways Inspector, was aware of the issue.

6.4 Leverton Emergency Plan

There was nothing further to report as the clerk was still awaiting confirmation that the draft document had been approved.

6.5 Leverton Leisure Centre Subsidence

Mrs Moore confirmed that the soil sample report had now been forwarded to the insurance company for review.


The Clerk requested the following payments be approved:

D Horwat Petrol for mower 14.22 (BACS)
C A Anderton & HMRC Clerk & Poors Land
Salary/Tax deduction
574.33 (BACS)
Malc Firth Groundworks x 2 246.00 (BACS)


8.1 Email from North Holland Young Farmers

I am from North Holland Young Farmers club, as a national charity organisation there is a pledge made every year. This year is #ProtectYourFuture. It’s a great campaign which encourages members to plant trees in their local area however the trees must be in a public place in which everyone can enjoy them. The Woodland Trust are backing the campaign by donating us all the trees, which include: hedge, Copse, wild harvest, year round colour, working wood, wild wood, wildlife and urban trees. As Leverton is our local community we wondered if you would be interested in helping us out with this campaign?

Mr Horwat agreed to contact NHYFC to discuss the options.


Mrs Moore asked if there were any objections for some photographs of Gerry Dickinson being displayed as he had been a prominent figure within the village and had contributed to the community with his service on the parish council. Mrs Moore also confirmed that the area behind the Village Hall had now been weeded and grass seeded.


The date of the next meeting had been previously agreed as Monday 22nd July 2019 at The Church Hall, Main Road, Leverton commencing at 7.00pm.

There being no further business the Chairman thanked those in attendance and closed the meeting at 8.00pm.