September 2019 Minutes


Present: Councillors: D Durrant – Chairman

Councillors: J Moore – Vice Chairman

Mrs Self-Shutts, Mr N Chandler, Mr N White, Mr D Horwat, Mrs J Welborne (Borough), Mr P Bedford (Borough) and Mr P Skinner (County)

Also Present: Mrs C Anderton – Clerk of the Council

Public Forum

There were no members of the public in attendance for the open forum.

1 Chairman’s Comments

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.

The Chairman also noted that he thought the new policies which were being resolved upon in an item later on the agenda were rather rigid and hoped that some flexibility could be introduced.

2 Apologies

Cllr Malcolm Sands gave his apologies and also tendered his resignation which was accepted by the council. It was resolved that the clerk would now instruct the necessary department in order to start the process of electing/co-option of a replacement councillor. PCSO Kym Rayment also offered her apologies which were accepted by the council.

3 Receipt of any declarations of interest in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011, and to consider any written requests for dispensations in relation to members’ disclosable pecuniary interests.

There were no declarations received.

5 Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting

It was resolved that the notes of the meeting held on 22nd July 2019, previously circulated, should be recorded as the minutes.

4 Police Matters

The following incidents had been reported to the clerk in the absence of PCSO Rayment:

2 incidents of anti-social behaviour – Lacey’s Drive and the Main A52

1 transport hazard – Main A52

6 Viewpoints on questions from members of the public

There were no viewpoints

7 Matters for the attention of Lincolnshire County Councillors/Boston Borough Councillors

Cllr P Bedford reported that the Leverton to Wrangle sea bank was now open. Mrs Moore asked if the issue of none friendly stiles was to be addressed, Cllr Bedford confirmed that a meeting had been scheduled for Tuesday 17th September 2019 at Witham Fourth IDB where he would raise the subject.

Cllr P Skinner reported that he was to undertake a ‘Ward walk’ on 19th November 2019 to take in the full Coastal Ward and requested that any specific parish roads that needed to be inspected be highlighted to him in advance so they could be included in the schedule. He also reported that a Parish Liaison meeting had been scheduled for 28th November at Boston Borough Council offices which Chairman, Clerks and one other from each parish could attend.

8 Accounts for payment/Finance

It was resolved to accept the payments as per the BACS statement dated September 2019. Members were given a report from the RFO which updated all on the current financial situation. The bank account balance as at 16th September 2019 was £24597.31 with £593.72 bacs payments due to be made after approval at this meeting.

9 Report from the minutes of the last meeting/Clerk’s report

Date Description Action Required Complete Ongoing
22.07.09 Speeding on Main A52 To forward the report on the data collated by LRSP to Mrs Tyrell at Ashtree Cottage.  
22.07.09 Leverton Playpark To provide 2 timbers 3.4 metres x 150mm x 25mm and a pack of stakes 2in x 2in.  
22.07.09 Leverton Emergency Plan To liaise with Steve Eaton-Harris, Emergency Planning Officer @ Lincolnshire County council at on the latest version of the Emergency Plan.  

10 Correspondence received which the Council are invited to resolve upon

1. Boston Borough Council – Parish Newsletter July & August 2019 editions

2. Lincolnshire County Council – Temporary Road Closure – Leverton – Lacey’s Lane –

23.09.19 – 25.09.19 between 10pm and 6am for essential maintenance work by Anglian Water/Clancy Docwra

3. Emergency Plan updates – A drop box link has been created to view, edit and amend details of the Leverton Parish Emergency Plan. The link for this drop box is

11 Parish Matters

It was resolved to adopt the Standing Orders policy which had been circulated to all members

It was resolved to adopt the Financial Regulations policy which had been circulated to all members

The Chairman stated that in respect of the parish roads the drainage had been inspected at the layby opposite Come Bye on Sheepgate however to date no repairs or maintenance had begun

Cllr Moore reported that the Leisure Centre had received a response in respect of the soil sample testing for the subsidence/damage claim. The insurance company had agreed that they would honour the claim in respect of some of the works required however not all the damage to the building would be covered.

The issue of speeding through the village in general was discussed and it was resolved that the clerk would obtain a quote for 2 x ‘Please Drive Carefully Through Our Village’ signs which could be displayed underneath the Leverton signage.

Cllr Horwat stated that the strimmer needed a new head and the council resolved to pre-approve the funds to purchase a replacement. The clerk to transfer the funds once a price had been obtained. Cllr Horwat also stated that Hannah Benson of North Holland Young Famers had confirmed that the Leverton Parish Council application to the Woodland Trust had been successful and that the trees would be provided sometime during November. The provision of a trench, topsoil and a digger were also discussed and it was resolved to address the matter closer to the time that the trees were due to be delivered.

The clerk enquired if it was possible to set a specific meeting week to commence in January 2020 and it was resolved that the monthly parish council meetings would take place on the second Monday of each month except August when the council did not meet.

12 Date and Time of the next Parish Council Meeting

Date and time of the next Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Monday 21st October 2019 beginning at 7pm. There being no further business to discuss, the Chairman thanked those in attendance and declared the meeting closed at 8.10 pm.